More poetry from 2016

It's been a tough learning curve, writing for another organisation. Alice Wickham, boss at New London Writers, challenged me to write a humorous poem about becoming a published fiction author. Amazingly, she then agreed to publish it. So this is kinda autobiographical for Alice and me.

My first novel is now out there. In the mean time, here is the link.

Take Pity on an Author.

Take Pity On An Author

An author is a lonely beast

Soliloquies are his diet

His only thrill, his wordy feast.

Glad when he is quiet.


He pains an agent thrice a year

His high-strung thoughts appal.

She files it under ‘much too drear,’

Adds ‘reject,’ in her scrawl.


An editor soft as ripening fruit.

Takes pity on his style,

Thinks his lines a kinda cute.

‘Sure. You can blog awhile.’


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