Logic Poetry

Stress Test 1

Face in the crowd


Time and space change

With the realisation that

We no longer tribe,

But isolate in cells and

Lose identity.

We, richer and fatter,

Need analysis to know

From where we come and

What needs to be done.

Stress is the new test

For lost identity.


A century ago,

He knew the symptoms,

But not the word.

Trenches, charges, mud, blood

Machine guns, lost friends

and then, with King and Country,

no longer to defend,

He padded the streets, he would

Live on, if the spend didn’t

Stretch to the rent.

He knew Stress,

Just not the word.

It was the old test, too

He was a face in a different crowd,

With different knowledge

But the same point of view.

March 2018