Stout and Porter Brewing

Brewing Stout and Porter.

by Clive La Pensée

Brewing with your ipad, iPhone, PC, android phone or Kindle Fire, means no more

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Ian S Hornsey, author of The History of Beer and Brewing said, ‘I don’t need to write about Porter – Clive has said it all.’

‘Ask ten brewers and you’ll get eleven opinions’ - is the brewers maxim and it can never be truer than for Brown Beers. They have their origins in the 17th century. Any book on brown beer brewing must make clear how different the approach to scientific discovery was before the industrial revolution.

We take rational thought for granted. How else can we know a plane will fly before it has left the drawing-board, or maintain the manic pace of change of the 21st century? It is hard for us to comprehend the minds of men and women three hundred years ago, who never thought rationally - at least, not in our sense of the word, and yet have made so many things work, so elegantly and with such precision. Furthermore, because they only based their knowledge on what they have already experienced, their method of recording that experience was different to ours.

This is a must-read text for beer lovers who want to know the history of porter and stout, why it was the drink of people able and unable to afford tea, coffee or claret, why all social classes consumed huge quantities, and why it disappeared from pub bars, quicker than it emerged. Now, it is a curiosity, mainly to be found in nostalgic Irish songs, but definitely a quirk with a comeback.

This book tells you how to brew original brown beers, why they were the way they were and the economic reasons they went out of fashion.

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