Novel Excerpts by Clive La Pensée

Clive has written three novels. Here you have the opportunity to sample, and request the full downloads.

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Their common theme is the question, “does the end ever justify the means?”

  • In The Last Stop, our bored, retired tax inspector becomes a violent anarchist to save the life of an innocent.

  • Someone tell me what is going on! is a 21st century upstairs/downstairs novel. Her ladyship, after a life of disappointments, has one last go at achieving happiness. Unfortunately, she involves an innocent, who fights for the moral high ground.

  • The Goddesses describes a woman’s fight to free herself from a repressed youth. To achieve this she embarks on a promiscuous fling with a stranger. She knows nothing about him - no name, no face. Just how exciting life can be!

The Last Stop - A Berlin novel, about a naive Brit, who accidently cleans up the Berlin red-light district.

63 year-old retired tax inspector Jack goes on holiday to Berlin, leaving his wife to go away with her sister - so he thinks. His wife uses his absence to start an affair. Leaving the airport, Jack sees twenty something Polish woman Maria, standing at the station, destitute and crying. He stops to help and becomes her mentor by preventing her making a fatal journey. Instead she joins him at his hotel, where she is temporarily safe.

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102,000 words in 44 chapters.