Logic Poetry

Stress Test 2

Lost Faces


Unrequited love,

A jilted passion,

Lost memories,

A premature parting,

Separation from a child,

Leaves the grieving

Seeking absent faces in the crowd.


The ‘why’ is clear.

We revisit events to

Find that time just before,

To tweak and reset the points

To a different direction,

And, the error’s undone,

They will still be there,

Space filled by the missing one.


We’ve done with that.

History stayed unchanged,

But the process increased

The sense of pain.

There is no ‘before,’ anymore.

No tweaks or resets can bring them

Back through the door.


Just a sense of loss so severe

We wander, and wonder why

We didn’t ask for her number?

Why let him cross that road?

Why dally where we never loved,

But use harsh words where we do?

We can’t put regrets in a shroud,

So, seek relief, in the crowd.

March 2018