We now live in a world of fake news. Here is some clarification.

A lie becomes a lie,

Once it is uncovered.

On truth you can’t rely,

Till the lie has been discovered.


If lies are truths still buried,

Just weren't reported yet,

Then the truth can be evaded,

Leaving scruples in a sweat.


‘Something transpired yesterday,’

Is a kind of truth.

Something happened down Stockholm way,

Sure! That needs no proof.


Vagueness is out there,

Truth begins to suffer.

Politicians can swear,

The opponent is the bluffer.


The yarn becomes the truth,

While the construct stays a lie.

If the truth lacks some proof,

Then blame the other guy.


If a lie is exposed,

Dark forces are at work.

Then one can propose

Truth tellers bury dirt.


A truth becomes fallacy,

A misquoted event.

Part of a conspiracy

Designed to misrepresent.


Presidents and the KGB

Deny the use of lies.

BBC and NYT,

Arethe ostracised.