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Montag Publications was one of the first Independent Publishers. I typed The Historical Companion to House-Brewing on a BBC B sometime around 1986. The early BBC B had 32k RAM. Thereafter it was writing to an audio tape. I was lucky enough to start using my BBC when the first 5 ½ inch disc drives had come in. I was amazed how much text one could type, before the drive started whirring.

Indies have come a long way since then and form a significant part of book production and retailing. We are a thorn in the side of the big publishers. By keeping overheads to near zero, we can give books away if need be. (Publishers do that, too. Remainder bookshops thrive).

The major Indie problem? We struggle to get our stuff in front of the book-buying public. This corner of my website will showcase Indies, who I think have got it right. Hopefully, we will build a network of Indie publishers.