Goddesses - a novel by Clive La Pensée

The novel is available on request. It should be ready for publication in 2018.


Clive develops a stunning dissection of repressed sexuality. Connie Grimshaw, a successful vertical take-off swot, has done everything right in her life, until the day she gets a little drunk and implies she would sleep with a customer to get a contract.

Her PA organises the event and makes sure her delicacies don’t get in the way, by likening her actions to the ancient Goddess Lilith.

Once on the slippery slope of desire, Connie works through a few other licentious goddesses, such as Inanna, and Venus/Aphrodite. She discovers how exciting life can be if one makes promiscuity a religion.

Is she promiscuous, or is she living in the fast lane with the same man? How can she tell?

Her discovery of Inanna uses the Northern Line as its stage. Dangerous stuff worshipping at Connie’s backside, before reaching Elephant and Castle.

Whilst she plays Venus, her lover suggests they take Beardsley’s ‘Venus and Tannhäuser,’ for inspiration and have royal times trying not to giggle at Beardsley’s settings and instructions.

Not for faint-hearted  reader or those who believe there have to be limits.

 clivelap@gmx.net for the full texts


The novels ask“does the end ever justify the means?”

  • In The Last Stop, our bored, retired tax inspector becomes a violent anarchist to save the life of an innocent.
  • Someone Tell Me What Is Going On. A 21st century upstairs/downstairs novel. Her ladyship, after a life of disappointments, has one last go at achieving happiness. Unfortunately, she involves an innocent, who fights for the moral high ground.
  • Goddesses describes a woman’s fight to free herself from a repressed youth. To achieve this she embarks on a promiscuous fling with a stranger. She knows nothing about him - no name, no face. Just how exciting life can be!