Free short stories by Clive La Pensée

A series of short stories - free to read and free to download.

We only ask that you observe copyright etiquette and not be offended.

Onion Love

How Paris Died


Two for One

They are intended to look at life in an original and irreverent way. They attack the tunnel vision of our society and try to find a new way of viewing old problems.

Now is the time to attempt to break from the chains of restrictive thinking.

The subject of the picture is a mess. I can hear the town's worthies tut tutting.

But we know that everything has a positive. No matter where you look, there is always someone, doing something, well.

This disused factory space is now

  • a habitat for wild life.
  • a place of play and artistic creation for young people.
  • an area being colonised by plants. Firstly the most resiliant settle. Once they have created a bit of humous, other plants will take over. Each plant species will be a habitat for another animal species.

In life too, freedom of thought and expression leads to the re-establishment of creativity and beautiful things.

Enjoy the stories.