I listened to a play and the actor shouted, "What greater love can one show, than shout against humanity?"

I tried to find the source of the quote. I came across a comment to a blog, where the writer, a woman, listed all the things one has to do before one learns the value of the opposites.

Have war to understand the value of peace.Be ill, and then value health - etc.

Her idea gave me the basis of this poem, Cry against Humanity. I wanted to credit her with the original idea, but can't find her blog again. I do have some of her original text. Maybe someone can point me at the original. I'd like to say thanks.

"Wäre ich als G. Bush geboren, hätte ich wie er gehandelt, wäre ich als Stalin geboren, dann hätte ich wie er gehandelt - weil jeder die Summe seiner Glaubenssätze, unbewusst wie bewusst, seiner Erfahrungen, seiner Gedanken ist. Leider braucht Mensch die Krankheit, um Gesundheit zu schätzen, braucht Mensch den Krieg, um Frieden zu schätzen.... wir sind alle Suchende, nur bei uns selbst suchen wir nicht."

The banner to this poem is the view from the stairway of the Wannsee House, where the preparations for the Holocaust were made. Please look for my blog on the Wannsee Conference Genocide as a day at the office, by clicking  Imagining the Dark Side  .

Here is what I made of the idea.

Cry against humanity.

It fills him with an inner glow

His cry against humanity.

No greater love can he show

He’s stuffed so full of complacency.


Was he born Anthony Blair,

Or maybe Joseph Stalin?

Tony bombed them with a prayer.

And the tanks rolled over Tallinn.


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