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Freebees from Clive.

Currently, our free downloads are two novellas.

Click here to find How Paris Died - a modern-day story of sacrifice through love.

Click here to read Onion Love. Read how a chance cruelty can become a moment of forgiveness and love.

Newts has just been added. Click here for your free PDF.

Newts is a 'coming of age story,' - boy meets girl, but how do we progress?

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About Montag.

No longer exists. Our imprint was hijacked by an unscrupulous publisher. We were excited that someone wanted us. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Unfortunately, it caused us so much trouble, we have trashed Montag Publications. People assumed we were the scoundrels.

Created as one of the first Indies in 1990, to publish beer books, Montag Publications made enough money to keep us interested.

We agreed to do books for a recognised publisher and they wasted 10 years of our lives and stole our work.

We worked for CAMRA, but we had to recognise the mismatch in expectations.

If you earn nothing, then at least enjoy what you are doing. Publishers and agents have become so risk-averse that there is no room for free thinking.

Over the years Clive has written a number of fiction works. - 3 novels, 5 Novellas and a series of short stories and two poem collections. And there are now 4 top quality beer books. It's time to make them available as clivelap. and