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Clive lives in Beverley after ‘emigrating’ from the home counties to Yorkshire, via Germany. He started writing, by turning a hobby, (brewing historical beers) into an income. The first beer books, published through his own company, Montag Publications, made money and it was all worthwhile. CAMRA wanted more books, but after two publications, both sides recognised the mismatch in expectations and parted company. This left Clive to enter the happy wilderness of writing fiction for fun. Years later, he decided to publish some of the pieces. That was a tough learning curve. A wise and famous author said, during a radio interview, “You are unlikely to find an agent or publisher, so make sure you enjoy what you are writing. That way, you will get some reward from the exercise.”
He has treasured that comment and believes his goal is to transmit his joy to the reader. More importantly, he can remain a risk-taker. He argues, we read and write fiction in order to explore a world that is otherwise, inaccessible to us. Living on the edge is part of the process of having safe adventures.
Clive often investigates the contrasts between youth and age - how an old and a young person deal with the same set of circumstances. “Learn from the young or go the way of the dinosaurs,” is his maxim.

We read and write in order to experience the impossible. It may be too dangerous, too lewd, too heartbreaking. It doesn't matter. It can all be investigated and lived through from the safety of a keyboard, book or e-reader.

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